Our vision is to lead the convergence of convenient, customized and secured IoT systems combined with the development of 3D construction projects.

Our mission is to reduce the threat of cybersecurity hacking and offer a safe, secure, and sustainable solution to individuals, enterprises, and governments within their professional and personal environments through enhanced and proprietary AI & Blockchain R&D.

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The proliferation of smart devices within our homes, offices, factories, and our general living environments have grown exponentially.

Our private, or customized, blockchain protocols that we create allows individuals, companies, and governments to regain their privacy through significantly reducing the risk of unapproved access into our digital networks.

3D printing is revolutionizing the world in many ways. We focus upon construction of two to four story buildings and structures to save time, resources, labor, and overall cost.

On average, 3D printing, will save material costs of 30-70%, reduce waste of the construction site by 50-99%, reduce labor costs by 50-80%, and reduce the time it takes to build the structure by 50-80%.

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